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I get a lot of dogs who show coming into my clinic. Also, in conformation, a neat story is one of our patients is the oldest sheltie and AKC dog to earn a Grand Champion as of this date at 13 years old. His owner attributes chiropractic care as helping him get there! I had a year-old dog come in that had about 8 to 12 seizures a day go down to about one every month.

He had been through anything and everything to help him. His options left were either chiropractic or euthanasia. After his first adjustment, he stopped seizing, started walking around, wagging his tail, eating, drinking, going potty again and had very few episodes in the couple of weeks after. Follow Dr. The age of the horse, nutritional status, how the horse wears the saddle, the type of work the horse does and the type of riding that is required of the horse, along with the overall condition of the horse. Typically an adjustment can last from one month up to six months. It is totally safe to use other healing modalities in between chiropractic treatments.

Kaufman says her equine patients have received acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, and various types of body work in between chiropractic adjustments. I asked Dr. She spoke about a 6 year-old Rocky Mountain gelding that was lame in his left front leg. The veterinarians thought this horse had cancer because of a lump found in the front left leg. The owner thought she was going to have to euthanize her young horse.

Horse Chiropractic- What does it look like? Motion Wellness Animal Chiropractic

So, what about the left knee? It was later determined that there was pressure being put on a nerve by the knee joint and this was the cause of the lameness. Kaufman did ONE adjustment and the pressure was relieved. When should a horse receive chiropractic? Kaufman recommends that any horse with physical problems should definitely receive an adjustment. Horses that are in competitions also should receive chiropractic adjustments every two months because of the amount of stress on their bodies due to traveling and work in the show ring. However, Dr.

Kaufman stresses that a veterinarian should see a horse immediately for any physical problems and illnesses the horse exhibits before bringing the horse to her. The youngest horse Dr. Kaufman ever adjusted was a foal that was only a few hours old.

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About Dr. Julie Kaufman Dr. Kaufman attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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During the time she was attending Cleveland Chiropractic College, she was also attending classes at the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association which is now known as Options for Animals. She completed that program in and received her certification for working with animals performing chiropractic care. She earned the second Animal Chiropractic Certification awarded in the world; there are now over certified animal chiropractors worldwide.

From to Dr. Her students were veterinarians and chiropractors both interested in learning chiropractic skills for animals. Kaufman has been interviewed on CNN, as well as several magazines. She lectures around the country to horse and canine organizations. Outside of her chiropractic practice, Dr. Kaufman owns three horses, two Arabians and one Arab-Warm blood cross.

This book is sold in veterinary clinics and can be purchased through Amazon.

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She is currently writing a fiction book. She not only has three horses, but she also lives with four cats, one dog and four birds. There arefour clinics that Dr. There are two veterinarians currently working at this clinic. Kaufman announced that she is building an equine clinic right next to the Marshall Pet Clinic and hopes to be seeing patients out of there this month, December This equine clinic will be the new Kaufman Chiropractic center. Not only does Dr.

Julie Kaufman offer chiropractic services for horses, but she also provides chiropractic care for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, llamas, cows, birds and yes, even wildlife! The treatment of wildlife is also done through a wildlife rehabilitator and veterinarian. To learn more about Dr. Julie Kaufman and the services she offers, visit her website at: www. Kaufman can also be reached by email at: ArabEquine aol. This is an educational video for horse owners who want to learn about chiropractic care for their horse.

It is designed for horse owners who want to know how their horse may benefit from chiropractic care. To locate a certified doctor in your area call the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association at , or visit their website at www. Services and Classes. Jessica every time I visit her how she transforms a clinical practice into a holistic art form. Great service on my initial visit. Continued encouragement; suggestions and the answering of my questions has been most helpful. Treatment has been gentle and each segment explained in good detail and very understandable. Paige and her staff were very courteous friendly, and helpful.

It was an enjoyable experience. I especially love the greeter. Thank you Dr. A HUGE thank you! I am able to move without pain and drove to Oregon without pain!!! Looking forward to the next appointment.

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I love it how they really take the time to listen to my needs at each visit. They are awesome at the office of Dr. Jessica did her magic and after just three treatments she had me toeing the line on April 4th. I am not fast, but I finished in , qualified for the Western States lottery, and got one huge monkey off my back.

I could not have done it without you. To say that I am pleased with the care I received at Dr.

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My first impression of Dr. Looking forward to continued care. My first visit alone proved that everything I had feared over the years has been for nothing. Over the past several months Dr. Jessica has proven to me that I do not have to live with ongoing pain, that with routine care, I am able to live the life I want, not the life my pain restricts me too. I am very careful about who I allow to do body work on me as I am very energy-sensitive.

I am so happy with the care I have received by Dr. Paige and her staff Copa included. Jessica Paige. Optimum Performance We work hard so you can play hard. Get Started Today. Chiropractic care is a proven way to maintain and improve your health.

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  • Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior or live a more sedate life, chiropractic care should be part of your health care plans. Dr Jessica Paige , a Board Certified Chiropractor has the professional experience to help you and your family live your best life by participating — unimpeded — in all the activities you love.