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  4. Rob Zabrecky's memoir 'Strange Cures' is an ode to a forgotten L.A.

It begins in when nine-year-old Eddie is sent out by his mother to panhandle. Her husband is dying of tuberculosis and she is pregnant for the eleventh time. She can barely pay the rent, and her two youngest children have no shoes. There is no money for food and to keep the family warm over the winter she burns every stick of furniture in their one-bedroom basement apartment. As the Paul family's story unfolds, it is at the same time told through the eyes of Eddie as he grows up on the tough streets of Greenwich Village.

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Lamb Lambert, Author. Her bandage hides two festering sores that once perhaps were eyes. One is astonished in the study of history at the recurrence of the idea that evil must be forgotten, distorted, skimmed over. We must not remember that Daniel Webster got drunk but only remember that he was a splendid constitutional lawyer.

Forgotten Hero: A Memoir - Kathleen Cortese

We must forget that George Washington was a slave owner…and simply remember the things we regard as creditable and inspiring. The difficulty, of course, with this philosophy is that history loses its value as an incentive and example; it paints perfect men and noble nations, but it does not tell the truth. Hailed a hero, rejected by my peers, profound hatred, bigotry, and arrogance of powers would drive my career and life.

These are my words, my story, my sorrows and successes, typically American but unique to me. Without stories like this, people might forget someday that life in these United States was really like this, once upon a time. I had so wanted to be a policeman.

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Then you brought me all the way out to California. When will your superiors do something to protect you — and us? Or if you come home and find Fernando and me dead because of your job.

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Before I could respond, Fernando burst into the room. He was ready for what should have been a routine late afternoon basketball play between father and son at McFadden Park, a block away. Fernando would come home from school, have a snack, and pick up his ball for some playing tips. How to shoot, dribble, guard and complete finger-spins - moves that he could later show off to his first grade classmates. Reviewed by:. Anjanette Delgado. Author s : Ben Lewis. Genre s : Art History , Authors.

Forgotten Hero: A Memoir

Cindy Helms. Author s : Zeuler Lima. Lina Bo Bardi, Drawings. Jonah Raskin. Author s : Dan Schilling. Genre s : Military , Afghanistan. June 27, Jerry Lenaburg.

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Author s : Brian Jay Jones. Becoming Dr. June 24, Susan Middleton Elya. Genre s : European , Royalty. Francis P. Author s : Jonathan M. Young Castro: The Making of a Revolutionary. Susan Babbitt. Author s : Dale Berra. Genre s : Sports , Sports History. June 20, Ethelbert Miller.

Rob Zabrecky's memoir 'Strange Cures' is an ode to a forgotten L.A.

Author s : Dorian Lynskey. June 19, John L. Murphy PhD.