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  5. The Golden Butterfly

When you provide this evidence, Eli says he wears a size 11, you doubt him and then he says 10's finally giving you the break to arrest Eli and get a promotion to move on. Go through all scenes and check your intuition points to see if you can use them. If you can it means you missed a clue. Pay close attention to the investigation music. It's sometimes hard to tell with radios being nearby sometimes.

I think i know who the real BD killer is.

Golden Butterfly

I sent the mindreader to the slammer because that show he was in really sucked after season one. No regrets. And that there may be a way to five star this case say by finding all the evidence and asking all the right questions. I'm sort-of an evidence hound so I failed on the question side with this case.

Also- I'd say it's safe to say neither of these guys were the killer. This case left me a little disappointed. Nailed the interview with the perv, got all but one question right with the father. Problem is Not sure if that's a bug or not, but there's was absolutely no warning that I needed to make my decision before I stood up.

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  6. The Golden Butterfly.

I figured I could go back and talk to the perv one more time before choosing. Case ended well though, got four stars due to damage--did a lot of the little side quests during that one. I've completed the case and managed to get a 5 star rating, although I restarted interrogations tons of times and restarted after picking the husband. To be honest I don't think either one of them did and it will probably lead to something else later in the plot.

I got 2 stars on this but I felt pretty good about myself after I finished even though I got dressed down by the captain. I convicted the husband because the evidence was clearly stacked against him in every way and it's pretty clear by the end that he's the killer. The pedophile was a scumbag but there was no way that he was the killer.

I think it's great that you have to make the decision if you're going to convict this father who is clearly guilty and leave his daughter an orphan or are you going take the easy way out and convict this pedophile who is clearly innocent and take your pat on the back from the captain. I just finished this case and ended up convicting the perv of the murder, but I didn't think either of them did it. Was left feeling kind of excited because if neither of them did it then it probably means that later on the real killer will be revealed in some way.

I'm pretty sure I got four stars on it, first try. I didn't see what was so hard about it. There's the decision between the two, but even though I haven't finished homicide, I thought it's pretty obvious were this is going. Once you realize that, it doesn't really matter who you choose, so I went with the captain's wishes. The Golden Butterfly case is literally the last case I've done will play again in about an hour and I felt like a huge failure.

I had all the evidence and it all pointed toward the husband, but I felt like it wasn't him. I also felt that the pedophile simply found the butterfly. I wanted the interrogation to show that the husband was being honest and it was going good, but it all came apart toward the last questions. Husband ending up going to jail and I ended up getting 1 star. I got 3 stars and felt like the biggest failure in the world - can't imagine how 2 stars would feel.

Also this case snuck up on me after a streak of 5 star results so I felt even more inept. Getting able to chuck Greg Grunberg into jail was still entertaining. So I replayed it until I got it right.

When you get the correct responses from Eli, his statements start linking him more to the case. Besides he uses the right rope for his job. What happens in that first cut scene in the next case if you pin the murder on the husband? Both Phelps and his partner seemed to be doubting what they did when I pinned it on the creepy raper guy.

Does that cut scene change or is it static? I got 5 out of 5 stars on Golden Butterfly on my first attempt. What I really want to know though is that since they could figure out the blood in the car was not human earlier in the game couldn't they just test the bloody shoe?

LA Noire - The Golden Butterfly

Also, how hard would it be to go to both of the suspects place of employment and see what the uniforms looked like? The father did it, because in my play through i had a guy come in and point a finger at the father i interviewed him first as he was leaving and yell "hes the one who parked the car" or something like that. So I charged Eli, then got a cut scene where Moller got put in jail and the captain chewed me out.

I guess my evidence was insufficient? There was one thing in the interrogation of the child molester that made me pin it on the husband. During the interrogation, Phelps kept pressing the molester about the murder being robbery related, since he had possession of her gold butterfly. However, a search of the victim's purse at the crime scene revealed that her purse was full of money that wasn't taken. Phelps even questioned why the money was there if the motive was robbery. I let the husband go and as he was walking out the school janitor comes in and says "Hey thats the guy!

See a Problem?

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Crime Scene

Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. As you have only just asked the coroner to type the blood on his shoes, question 'Disposal of evidence' can not yet be confirmed or denied. Leave the interrogation. Charging him at this point in the case will prevent a five star case rating. Donelly will berate Phelps for his actions and lose faith in him. After you finish interrogating him, charge him with first degree murder.

Night of the Golden Butterfly (Islam Quintet, #5) by Tariq Ali

Captain Donelly and the DA are pleased and Phelps will receive a high case ranking. If this happens, replay the case and skip Moller's interview. Interview Rooney and charge him right away. If you fail both interrogations, Hugo will run out of the station house and flee in a vehicle. You will then have to pursue him. He will eventually have his vehicle disabled when hitting a street trolley.

You will charge him, and anger Donelly.

Another white female, beaten and dumped in the grass at the end of Hill Street. Details are scarce until we see the crime scene, but it sounds as though there are superficial similarities to the Dahlia and Henry murders. Captain Donelly will expect speed and discretion. Sign In Don't have an account?

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  • Spoiler Warning Plot details follow, read at your own risk. Contents [ show ]. We have God's work to do here and it can't be delayed. Rope pattern. Missing jewelry. Small men's footprints. Chase and tackle Hugo Moller. You can rapidly tap the action button to tackle fleeing suspects if you're close enough.

    The Golden Butterfly

    The child molester can be tackled, but if you don't catch up to him your partner will cut him off, backing him up to a wall. Rough him up a bit to get him to cooperate. You have two suspects to interrogate. Once you've finished each suspect's interrogation, you may choose to charge the current suspect with murder or continue on to the next.

    It's a very close race between the two, but a false conviction begets disappointment.