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This story was interesting in that it shows us a serious side of Dan that we often do not get to see. Maybe always being next to his sister, he often seems to play the goof or fool in contrast to her stoic nature. But alone we see in him what Grace saw in him before the Hunt begin. We also learn that the Vespers are working on an accelerated time line and have to wonder if they caused Dr. Rosenbloom's mysterious illness.

I love the original 39 Clues books, and have on my short list to read the second series The Cahills vs. Vespers, but this short series released between December 25th and December 31st really caught my attention. Labels: 39Clues , Scholastic. Later on, it was revealed that, only a few hours after Isabel's arrest, he chartered a plane to Brazil to avoid questioning.

In Doublecross , Vikram is revealed to be working with Hartford. His card is No. Ruslan Radov from Volgograd , Russia was the former leader of the Lucians. His best friend was Nikilovana Spasky. He was a Lucian. He was next in line to be the leader of Lucians, but he was killed by Isabel Kabra. He was killed five months after his son was born. He was the best friend of Ruslan Radova. He does not have a card. He is commonly holding his silver-tipped cane. His twin brother, Gordon, was murdered by a killer he hired sixty years ago.

When Alistair returned from the Madrigal gauntlet, he tricked Bae into confessing that he killed Gordon Oh and Bae was subsequently arrested for murder, arms dealing, assault, and battery. He was tortured to death. Ivan Kleister from Oslo , Norway [42] is the leader of the Tomas. He is frequently competing with Eisenhower Holt for the branch leadership, even though he already has the position. She is the youngest person to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature. When he would not step down, Cora Wizard leaked fake documents about him and he stepped down in disgrace.

She was bribed by Cora Wizard to step down from her post as leader. Ian Kabra from London , United Kingdom is the current branch leaders of the Lucians since their father went into hiding and their mother went to jail for the murder of Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent. Ian inherited the multi-millionaire estate and art dealership. In Unstoppable, Ian is given the role as Cahill dictator after Amy's retirement. After breaking under the pressure of leading, Ian hands the leadership role back to Amy. However, his leadership is questionable due to Cora's return in Mission Hurricane.

In Mission Titanic, she joins Hartford in betraying Ian. In Mission Atomic, she escapes the greenhouse, and is said to have gone into hiding along with Tomas leader Magnus Handson, Vikram Kabra, and other traitors. Gideon Cahill from Cahill Island, Ireland [47] is the father of the founders of the five branches. He was one of the smartest scientists in Ireland in his time, having discovered how to turn lead into gold. However, in his efforts to find a cure, he discovered a serum that would enhance an individual's abilities in every kind of human endeavor, but it killed him from inside.

Thus, he gave each of his children a part of the formula for safe guarding, improving their skills. Then he destroyed his research and died on the way. The children wanted the whole serum, and consequently continued to fight for it until the reunification caused by Amy and Dan Cahill's efforts.

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He had a ring that is very important and powerful — the Vespers hunt for it. Olivia Cahill from Cahill Island, Ireland [47] is the mother of all the five branches. She is the supportive wife of Gideon Cahill. After Gideon's death, her children began on going their separate ways and created their own branches to compete with each other for the serum's powers. She inherited the ring as a token of love from Gideon after he died. She is the sister of Thomas, Luke, Jane and Katherine. After the fire, Thomas, Luke, Jane, and Katherine went and founded the branches.

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They left their mother behind, not knowing that she was pregnant with their sister. Olivia raised Madeleine alone, stressing her desire for the branches to unite. Madeleine is rumored to have some dealings with the Vespers concerning Olivia's death, which suggests she knew who started the fire. She is fond of technology and science. He is the brother of Luke, Katherine, Jane, and Madeleine.

The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire #6: Invasion - Clifford Riley - Google книги

He likes sports and games, as well as traveling. He is the brother of Thomas, Katherine, Jane, and Madeleine. He is fond of poison and daggers, wherein Sir Isaac Newton found one of his swords. She is the sister of Thomas, Luke, Katherine,and Madeleine. She is good at writing and painting, as well as at music.

It is said that she knew who caused the fire. Damien Vesper is the founder of the Vesper Organization. He used to be good friends with Gideon Cahill. Committed suicide. Born as Amelia Hope Cahill. She was only 7 years old when her parents died. Amy became one of the Madrigal branch leaders at the age Born as Daniel Arthur Cahill.

He was only 4 years old when his parents died, and he and Amy were on the most wanted list. She perished in her burning house with Arthur when she was forty-one years old. Her card is No. Arthur Trent was born into a family with close ties to the Vespers the only other family that knows about the 39 clues excluding the Cahills. He was raised to believe that the Cahills were weaklings and that the power of the clues belonged in Vesper hands.

He had been sent to Turkey to find Hope and make her fall in love with him. However, when Arthur actually met his beautiful target, something happened. He was enchanted by her intelligence, her kindness, and the way her nose twitched when she laughed.

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In Turkey, Arthur then learned some terrifying information about the Vespers. He realized that he needed to cut his ties to the organization, although the act would put him in danger for the rest of his life. Before he proposed, Arthur told Hope the truth about his background, but Hope already knew. William McIntyre's spies had been following him for months.

He was believed to have perished in his burning house with Hope when he was forty-two years old, but in the book A King's Ransom it is revealed that he may be alive and still a Vesper. This theory is later disproved. In the ninth book , he is shortly known as the Man in Gray , only to reveal his true identity to Amy and Dan Cahill later on.

His official card is No. He is very fond of red snappers. Since the death of Grace, Saladin was missing until Amy and Dan Cahill found him, and has joined them in the hunt since then. He is a Madrigal. His cards are No. In Doublecross , he is revealed to be the outcast, the series main antagonist. It was also revealed that Grace assigned Lucian assassin Vladimir Spasky to kill Hartford, however, Spasky let him live. Hartford is killed when his own mutant bees turn on him in "The Hive".

What are the best books in the 39 Clues series?

She knows how it affected the lives of their family. She sent a private investigator after Amy and Dan after they joined the hunt, but after long efforts, stopped on finding them. She is an inactive Madrigal. She does not have a card. James St. He has a card with 10 death heads. His brother is Jasminite Cahill. James and Hae-In Oh. James from Attleboro , Massachusetts is the paternal grandmother of Grace Cahill. She is both married to Henry Cahill and Hatta Oh.

She is both married to Hatta Oh and Henry Cahill. He is an Ekat. He is also the father of Alistair Oh. She is an Ekat. The uncle of Amy and Dan, he was raised by his own uncle, the evil Bae Oh who hired a man to murder Alistair's father. He made many alliances with Amy and Dan. In Book 3 , he faked his own death and then stole the Clue, running off to take revenge on Bae.

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  • It did not take long for Amy and Dan to realize that Alistair's death was fake. However, he gained their trust again in Book 4 , and he was the one who helped them find the next few leads. He gave Amy and Dan a trip to the possible location of a Clue in In Too Deep , and all three of them were trapped in his apartment, which was set on fire by Isabel Kabra. He escaped without helping anyone else out, but Amy and Dan got out after Irina Spasky saved them and died in the process. Alistair once tricked Bae into admitting he had Gordon murdered, and Bae was taken to a Madrigal prison, where he was tortured to death.

    Fidelio Racco from Venice , Italy was a famous shipper. He was a close friend of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , who ordered from him Japanese steel to serve as a Clue in the second book and the third book. He was one of the Cahills who came close in finding all 39 Clues. His laboratory was also destroyed during the eruption of Krakatoa. He has no card. Nikolai Spaskaya lt. Nikolai Spasky from St. Petersburg , Russia is the son of Irina and Nikivlona Spasky.

    His father died five months after he was born. It is said that his mother never talked about his father much, and even when he asked about him, she replied You'll learn later.

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    Sadly he never did. Irina never left his side, until Isabel Kabra assigned her to a mission in Helsinki. While on espionage, Irina had no contacts to the doctor, who had already confirmed Nikolai's death. Robert Bardsley from Pretoria , South Africa is a music professor. He is a friend of Winifred Thembeka. He was a member of the Tomas until he discovered the true intentions of the branch.

    It is revealed that he joined the Madrigals later.

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    He is researching on a Clue under Dr. Gordon L. He is apparently spying on Grace Cahill. Her request to accompany The Kabras on the hunt was rejected by the branch due to her obvious ruthlessness. Heinrich Heinrichson from Berlin , Germany [68] is an escaped prisoner of the Tomas.

    The 39 Clues Rapid Fire Book 3: Hunted Part 6 (FINALE!)

    He is spying on William McIntyre. Yasmeen Badawi from Maadi , Egypt [70] is a robotic inventor of the Ekats. She is competing with Natalie Kabra on a Clue in her hometown. Devin Cooper from Evanston , Illinois [72] is an Ekat treehouse engineer. He is building several booby-traps for the Ekat's safe-keeping of the Rosetta Stone in England. Teodora Kosara from Sofia , Bulgaria [74] is an Ekat.

    She is looking for Clues everywhere in the world by sabotaging other people around her. Then she pointed Amy with a gun and asked, "Where's the ring"?