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The second and final phase of recording and filming took place in Doha in October Bokra The Film , featured the formation of the charity song and music video of Tomorrow-Bokra and its impact on the lives of disadvantaged youth. The film sponsors were the Global Gumbo Group G3.

The film showcases the influence of the arts on disadvantage youths in war-ravaged nations from Morocco to Jordan.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Record Research. Emirates Retrieved 5 November I want my money back!!!!!!!! This is absurd!!! I never used the video and you just tried to charge me. I think if ur gonna charge someone communicating would be appropriate.

Total scam and fraud app. All positive reviews seem to be by themselves. Apple should sue them and return our money. This is an absolute scam!!!

A Better Me: The Official Autobiography

I know two people also who tried to cancel this and keep having money taken from there account-Beware. This app is such a scam!! They should not have the right to advertise on Instagram. I ended up having to call apple support and tell them what happened asking for a refund. Whatever you do do not download this app! They just want your money. Lol I just found this on an Instagram ad and downloaded it cause the animation looked cool.

Complete garbage and a scam. They should be ashamed of themselves for this app.

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Finally canceled it! I called Apple and they are refunding me but even the Apple rep was shocked that they had charged me already. I was sad because after paying and trying to use it continues asking for me to activate a payment. I don't get it.


I still think if it would work ok it is a good app. I love this app I feel its really helping me! Except it keeps losing my progress and making me start over now which is really frustrating. Has this happened to anyone else?? F them for taking advantage of other people money!

Skincare and Health Products Online – aBetterMe NZ

I signed up for a seven day free trial because I wanted to see if this app will help me lose weight. I deleted the app immediately. There was also a l email confirmation I received.

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Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)

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