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The Bride and the Beast () - Black Horror Movies

Bride of the Beast by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Not Available Not Available. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. This eBook is no longer available for sale. In this historical romance, Sue-Ellen Welfonder delivers a sensual tale set in medieval Scotland about a young woman in need of a champion - and finding one in a heroic, scarred warrior.

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More Fiction. Right after we get the revelation that the new bride was a gorilla in a past life, everyone ignores it and goes to Africa for a lengthy hunting trip so they can use stock footage to pad out the time. They remember the plot for the last six minutes, then it thankfully ends.

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Review by Colton B. A telepathic reincarnated gorilla woman goes on the worst honeymoon of all time with her oblivious husband. The plot gets dropped about halfway through the movie, and picks back up in the last 5 minutes for a completely unsatisfying ending.

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  • Short and simple: it's a complete waste of time. A wild film written by Ed Wood and it shows. Dan Lance Fuller brings his new wife Laura Charlotte Austin home and his gorilla that he keeps in the basement takes a liking to her. After the wife is hypnotised it turns out that she was formally a jungle Queen so the two of them travel to the jungle where more secrets are revealed.

    The Bride, the Beast

    Wood, Jr.. As you'd imagine, if you're a fan of bad movies then this will be a must see as there are some pretty awful things scattered throughout the picture but at the same time there's no doubt that the picture…. Review by David Ives.

    Love triangle between newlyweds and a gorilla reveals secrets about past lives. Hey, you can't fault Ed Wood for a lack of ideas.

    Bride of the Beast

    TIL: No past lives in Christianity. The nice thing is that makes every moment this one time around very important. Newlyweds Laura and Dan travel back to Dan's home and he casually mentions he's got a pet gorilla in the basement. Oh, did you want to see it? Yes of course I want to see the fucking gorilla in your basement are you kidding me that should be the first thing you show anyone that comes to visit you.

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    Starts as a love story betwixt woman and beast, becomes a rumination on past lives, then a killer tiger hunt in Africa, then it remembers about the gorillas and Laura goes to live with them. Most of this is constructed from stock wildlife footage. Maybe Laura misremembered her past life as a gorilla because she'd seen the footage before.

    The bride played….