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  1. A Little Mistake That Wasted 3 Years of My Life
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Go build the life of your dreams instead of reflecting on how "i'm a loser". Jan 2, 30 Ecosse. Today's the first day of the rest of your life. Mar 20, 86 62 70 New Jersey. If you were comfortable right now, maybe you wouldn't feel the need for any change. I've been having relationship problems the past few months but I don't let it slow me down too much in other areas of my life because I know I will look back at it and laugh one day.

You will be able to do the same as long as you don't let yourself become your own worst enemy. Let this female dog that you used to have, fuel you to do better. Then one day later down the road, she will wish she wasn't a female dog to you. You need your bad days to appreciate your good days.

Jul 27, New York, New York. Who has more of a desire to change? You or some comfortable dimwit working an okay with an okay girlfriend? Theres no better catalyst for change than hitting rock bottom. Use this fire you got right now before it goes out. I am seriously thankful for you wonderful people who've replied here.

It's going to be a long battle from now on for me, but I have to win it. Thanks for the encouragement and kick in the butt, everyone. LibertyForMe Habits pave the path to success. Feb 5, 1, Cincinnati, OH. First, go register a new account that doesn't have some mopey name. Make it DailyAction or something.

A Little Mistake That Wasted 3 Years of My Life

You don't need to log in every day with a username that tells you that you suck. Jul 16, 32 18 What valuable lesson did you learn from this experience? If you think that through you will be wildly amazed at how important this experience was for you to have.

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These big challenges teach you so much about life and help bring you to the next level if you see it that way. Aug 2, 1, Sep 16, 86 50 Canary Islands, Spain www. Great that you had the courage to post this to get yourself out of your situation. Feeling stuck and not being able to move to the extend being suicidal because of past mistakes and major life turns without getting into details I can highly relate how you are feeling right now. Hint: it is not the money that will get you out of your place. Money multiplies always what you ARE. I had some scary and frightening moments in the past when my bank account was quit stuffed.

If you read MJs The Millionaire Fastlane book already know that the "losers" exist even with big bank accounts and the "losing" is connect with roadmap you are traveling with, not necessarily with available money at hand. To compensate for time "lost" - remember that the Fastlane gives you a away to get to the place where you want to get no matter what the backstory is. A ll that is count what are you starting to do from today.

And time is actually really just a concept. So I agree with Diagramma and Mattie about this, like Steve Siebold quote from Silverhawk I highly recommend you to read and apply www. This book is one of the tools that helped me to get me out of my situation where I thought I am trapped and a loser, too. Over a ten-year period her depression deepened, and for the last two years Katie as she is called was seldom able to leave her bedroom.

Life Wasted by Pearl Jam Song Statistics |

Then one morning, from the depths of despair, she experienced a life-changing realization And it is not about forcing you to think different or to just think "positive". That is what I love about Katies approach: she tells you that thoughts can not be forced, but how to deal with them to let them go.

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In fact it is a powerful way to look at reality for what it really is. Her book title actually is "Loving What Is". I recommend you to check it out. In combination whith this I would recommend you to look at www. Good luck - keep reporting your progress. Wattles from will be something that I keep rereading every months: "You must give to every person a use value in excess of the cash value that you receive, so each transaction makes for more life.

Semmy said:. Gautham New Contributor. Jan 7, 1 1 13 Jun 20, 1, California, USA. Hairy Maclary New Contributor. Jul 4, 22 4 5. Hello everyone, After coming to terms with the fact that I wasted my time with a girl who I fell for she used me and she was not even my girlfriend , I became depressed, doing nothing from the past 3 years no job.

Oswalito Contributor. Jan 9, 73 47 61 I also have nothing to show for the past few years One day while listening to a hall of fame speech, I heard something that hit me hard Time to get up, look up and never give up! Which I then followed with execution. So my advice to you, is gonna be the same advice that got me where I am Get up, look up and never give up. Jan 12, 10 6 18 Washington DC. I felt the same way back in when I got the pink slip.

No not from God. But from my deceased father who was a Marine.

Life keeps moving with or without you. My advice to you, stop whining. Do something about it. Apr 20, 21 14 20 25 Poland. Congratulations, if you are on the bottom, can't be lower. Now it's time to grow. Grow is good. Now is now, past is nothing. You know what was bad, so you can imagine what is good.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3 review – wasted in the wastelands

When you can do this, you can paint this image. Hackdroot Bronze Contributor Speedway Pass. Nov 11, 96 I used to throw pity parties.

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A lot of them. Each time I was done feeling sorry for myself, I would realize that I was back where I started at the beginning of the party. Nothing solved. I still get down from time to time, but am much better at standing back and removing myself from that zone, knowing that it's completely detrimental and counterproductive.

I look for distractions in music, inspirational videos, or simply go see some friends positive ones. Change your surroundings and associations. I wake up every morning and ask myself one question. I'm one of the people who posted a list of failed startups "10 web start-ups all mine I've been fortunate to always have a day job that I enjoy, and I've never really sunk big money into any of my side projects, so I'm not in debt. I look at much of the time I've spent on my projects as time that I would have "wasted" some other way, if I weren't working on them.

Link please? I spent probably 6 months to an entire year working on failed or unreleased projects. My outlook at this point is admittedly pessimistic. Lessons learned, in no particular order, except for the last: - If you need to explain your app to customers in more than one sentence, or if that sentence contains any four-or-more syllable words, or if any of those words' definitions fail the above two criteria, it will probably fail.

For example: Back-end features to improve search results: good. Sliders, filters, color coding, additional search options, menus, extra words, animations, hover effects, etc, will probably only confuse people, unless you are a UX genius, in which case those features will merely go unused. Find the design for your product that mimics something people have used to solve a similar problem. If you are the "x of y", that means people need to thoroughly understand x, y, and what it means to abstract one to the other.

People like being served things that they pick from a menu, or that people suggest. The most complicated task the average person has to deal with, on any regular basis, is probably choosing multiple toppings for a pizza. Awesomeness in the idea is easier and more valuable than awesomeness in the implementation. Yes, you can slightly increase your chances of being "lucky," but don't kid yourself. In fact, it's how we do most of our thinking. Is a metaphor not a type of abstraction? At any rate, you're correct, I'm probably not giving people enough credit.

I'd say that if you can avoid "X of Y"-isms, you're better off doing so. I'd say the opposite: if you can explain something in terms of "x of y", you probably should. Read George Lakoff's stuff :. Doesn't this conflict with the general sentiment that ideas are near-worthless unless implemented well? Can you elaborate? Are you referring to rapid iterations i. In terms of a product's success, ideas without implementation are as worthless as implementation of a shit idea.

Granted, at least by implementing something you practice your craft and personally get something out of it, but if the idea isn't good to begin with, you're not likely to achieve success. The awesomeness of your idea is like a multiplier. You can easily come up with an idea 10 times as awesome, and any implementation of that will be presumably be 10 times as successful. You can't as easily implement something 10 times better. This is all voodoo mathematics, anyway. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to. Scratch the "well. I spent two and a half years in to developing some sort of global cloud computing platform 10 years too soon : -see below.

Then I've spent another couple of years on and off, re developing an archive management system that may finally become a reality soon, at its 4th iteration and rewrite : Anyway these were years well spent; I've learnt a lot. The first startup story: it ran out of cash, utter failure and sad ending. Basically we had glorious plans of world domination : but we never had the money to actually make it. Real work started in March , just before the dotcom bust Doh. The project was too complex and too ambitious from the start, would have needed literally s of millions to build.

Instead of calling a quit after the first year, he kept the sinking boat running, without enough resources and people. We had a huge colo with big iron hardware not even in a runnable state. Sometimes I wonder whether I'd have be better off if I had a low paying second job rather than wasting countless hours outside of my trying to boot strap start ups.

I'm lucky I just love hacking. Have been doings tons and tons of side-projects hoping them to fly. I will tell you a story. But I was so enthusiastic about startups thanks to HN! We had a fancy tag-line "infiltrating social networks' and I distinctly remember having day-dreams of dominating the recruiting space with that idea.

Needless to say, two months of summer and lot of naivety doesn't translate into success. No, I don't regret having dropped Cambridge Univ. I'm happy about the lessons I learnt from that stint and it made for a great groundwork for my future startups. My only regrets are the ones I didn't fully launch. I don't think anything I ever did was wasted, because I never let it fully consume me and take away all my life. If you're out there having fun and enjoying yourself, even if one part fails you'll remember the rest. If all you had was your business and it fails, then you'll have regrets.

I've always gravitated towards startups and small companies, and have, over the years, not made the money I would have if I'd worked for some BigCo year in, year out. I do have some regrets there, as it'd be nice to have more money. Something that's kicked around here a lot: fail quickly. If a project doesn't fit success criteria I give it about a month before it's pivoted or done.

A month, really? The only reason why they "failed" was because I wanted someone else to pay me a good salary and benefits when I graduated college. I'm working on a side project at the moment and that may be my first foray into running a business with people I hire.

What's the worst that could happen? You build your skills and work for a great company, because any company that fosters entrepreneurial innovation e. Sounds like a win to me. Things I regret: - Not getting more involved in startups earlier I should have gotten started in the early s somehow when I first got on the Internet - MIT vs.

Stanford; being closer to startup ground-zero would have been worth it - Sticking around various jobs vs. Until that point, it's still a worthwhile experience, as there is a lot to learn, and it's impossible to know it won't be successful -- after, it is a lot harder to stay motivated, even if the day to day tasks can still be educational.

If your getting at least one of those factors you are turning a "profit". Many years, and no more wasted than the smaller amount of time I've spent working for big companies. I guess I'd rather produce a technical success that fails for other reasons unconnected to me, of course :- than do work that frequently is a failure for reasons much closer to what I do e.

I dislike bureaucracy and loathe office politics, so despite their downsides most startups are a better match for me. To cut a long story, I wasted the next five years of my life drinking, smoking pot, getting into fights and in debt. Then I made sweeping changes, straightened myself out, and made some pretty cool moves over the next few years.

But, I screwed up and again wasted a few more years though not as big waste as the first five. I got accepted at six different univerisities on the strength of high school results, entrance exams and, I think, sheer personality and flunked out of every single one. It burned me up to see some friends who only graduated high school because of my help receive their degrees, get great jobs some now sitting on six figures , married, kids etc. Anyway, I'm back on track now and at least I've gotten one thing mastered or close to mastered - the art of happiness. In the end, that's what matters anyway.

This is my first post here at BBforums by the way.

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Thankfully I have slowly started to realize some things since then, and thanks to this thread for reinforcing those things. I have had some major social, and self worth issues in my life still working on fixing things. But I like the post by Nainoa, talking about "personal accountability" I wish I would have realized some of these things a long time ago. I have always ended up lagging behind everybody else because of laziness, fear, procrastination. Ridiculous I say. I try to tell myself this as much as possible. But everything is going to change for the better now.

Like going to bed earlier as you can notice the time by the "edited" note :-D. Last edited by Skin'n'Bones; at AM. You should have told your family its your life and your going to do what you want with it. How can someone expect you to do with your life, not what you want, but what they want you to??? Life goes on man.

Your going to make mistakes, I made lots. Your going to have regrets. You live and learn, try not to repeat your mistakes and move on. Life lesson 1 you already learned: Do what your heart tells you, not your family. Its your life. You have to live it.