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Days by Moonlight | Quill and Quire

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The Escape - Moonlight Thief - Team PsychoSibs

So relying on the myths which the kingdom was built upon, they searched desperately for the moon flower which would once again bring prosperity to the land. However, under the poor care of the greedy man, the centuries had not treated the blossom well. The presence would not bring the queen to health. Instead, it had to be boiled down and fed like a medicine.

No matter the cost, it worked, and their son was born. Celebration occurred, silverlight lanterns released into the air in honor of the new beautiful prince. Yakov was bitter though, and aging fast. In the night, he snuck into the castle to once again locate his youth. In order for the moon to bless, a song must be sung. Only a lock was necessary- Yakov cut a small section, which fell limp in his hand. Just like the blossom, the hair wouldn't heal when taken from its roots. So he took the child into the night, and the kingdom has never seen him since.

So long as Victor could remember, he had lived with Yakov. His hair grew long- never cut, for it would lose its magic. And, for as long as he could remember, on his birthday each year, a flood of moving lights swirled through the sky like the river of stars.

Victor wanted to see where they came from, somewhere to the east. He wanted to feel the grass and dance under the moon.

42 - Showdown by Moonlight - Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper OST

But Yakov knew what was bad for him, and he had to stay away from what was bad for him. And outside, according to Yakov, was the definition of bad. His days were spent alone, painting on the walls, jumping between the banisters and rafters, cooking and playing with his poodle Makkachin.

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The Moonlight Lounge

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Walkthrough Part 1

About Table of Contents. Synopsis The most elegant Phantom Thief is out to strike again! Tags Popular tags for the story Add my tags.

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