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But I myself met my most difficultly in my life when I was away from home to go to Danang city to study for the first time. It was the time I first had to study in university. I had to live independently, I had to do everything completely by myself: go to the market, cook meals, wash my clothes or take care of myself when being ill. They were such things that I had never done before. New life in a new big city was very strange to me. After a few months, my life was much better because I got used to living independently. Furthermore, shared my room with my friend, so it was easier for both of us to take care of each other.

I have called my family regularly, it helps me reduce my homesickness. I feel better now and I am used to living independently. If I have a lot of money, it is will be wonderful because I will use the money to fulfill my dreams. Firstly, I will buy luxury items such as: laptop, car, smart phone, etc. Besides, I will buy the big land to build hotel, motel or just invest into land property. Maybe I will go to USA to continue my studying. After that, I will use the money to do some charities: I will use one portion to help the disadvantages in my city, my country.

Most of my money, I will keep in the bank or buy gold for reserving and the rest I will use to run my own business. I like that. But I will try my best to make all my dreams come true! TOPIC In comparison with travelling by an airplane, travelling by train is much cheaper, significantly roomier and more comfortable. But like any other vehicles, I think that going by train has both advantages and disadvantages: There are some advantages: It is usually quicker than travelling by road because there are no road works, traffic jams, breakdowns or accidents.

It is comparatively good for safety reason. Passengers can do other things while they are travelling on the train which they are not allowed to do on an airplane such as talking on the phone, using laptop. The train is relatively cheap if you book the ticket in advanced, and you can see many lovely sceneries outside the train windows sometime. But there are some disadvantages: Sometimes people are talking very loudly on the train and it will make you fell uncomfortable. There is also a limited space inside the carriage of the train that makes people hard to move.

Also, if there is an ill person with a bad cough or cold you are going to breathe in their germs and you might also get ill. TOPIC There are many vehicles for you to travel, but there is nothing can compare with air plane because the speed of this type of vehicle is very fast. The feelings when you sit in an air plane when it is taking off is indescribably enjoyable. When you sit in an air plane, looking out the sky, it looks like the world is coved by the clouds. It is so wonderful. If it is sunny, there will be an imposing scenery, a glorious paradise, the shapes of the cloud are interesting, which are good for your imagination.

On the plane, you will be provided with snacks and drinks that are not available in other vehicles. When the plane takes off and the lands, it will make you feel uncomfortable because of the change in atmospheric pressure. Dirtiness, mess things, shrimp sauce, raining a lots, stay in an inn, mice, cockroaches are what I hate most in life. I am a quite technical and perfectionist person. Furthermore, I am a girl, so what hate most is dirtiness and mess things. What do you think about raining too much? Because now I have to stay in an inn. So every time it rains, it takes long time for my clothes to be dried.

In the room the felling of the moist cannot escape to outside because there is much water vapor in the air is annoying. And stay in an inn is also what I hate. Because on the first and last day of the month, I have to pay the room, electricity, water fee. And I have to spend a number of other expenses such as foods, fuels In addition to these, the noise of the surrounding room is also annoying. Another thing that I hate comes from the mice and cockroaches. They are my traditional enemies.

They are things that always destroy furniture and make me feel uncomfortable.

Room Facilities:

My village is surrounded by paddy- fields in the river. In my village, there are many footpaths and lots of trees. There are also many large rice fields on which many farmers do the farming work from the early morning till late in the afternoon. To me, these things are familiar and peaceful. I like to walk along the footpaths and listen to the sound of wind blows through the bamboos.

It is very poetry. Whenever I feel stressful or just want to take a nap, I go to the bamboos near my houses I take a short nap.

After that, I feel very energetic and my stress seems to be blown away. On traditional holidays and Tet holiday, there are many activities such as festivals, traditional games which are really fun and exciting. Everybody in my village gathers together to talk to each other about their new things in their houses, or just tell what they are worrying about to ask for advices. Every time I come back to my hometown, I always have a good, peaceful and relaxed mood. Now I am studying in Danang, but I want to come back to my hometown very often.

My mother is a little bit short, her hair is long and black. She is thin and quite fit.

My Holidays Times

In my family, she is always the person who stops the quarreling between members. She is also very friendly with our neighbor.

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My mother is a woman of family. Thanks for her caring, all my family members always feel healthy. She is always busy with the housework, she gets up very early, prepare the breakfast to everybody. After that, she cleans the house, goes to the market to buy food, cooks lunch and prepare for the dinner. She does everything without complaint.

I think my mother is very great to sacrifice herself to take care of the family. Thanks for my mother that I can grow up with the best conditions. I love my mother very much and I hope that I will be successful in life in order that I can satisfy the wishes of my mother and bring her good things in the future when she get older. Why do you like it? Today, wherever you are, you can catch all the information of the world in the previous days. That is the result of the process of globalization.

Holiday homes Spain

Information from every corner of the world is provided quickly and accurately to each citizen by media companies. You are sitting at home and can keep track with the ongoing situation in Iraq or in the United States, or the price of petrol, the price of gold in the world today. Today, as you know there are many newspapers. But my favorite newspaper is the Times- New York Times.

New York Times is an organization providing news reputation in United States, with more than 94 Pulitzer prizes, the most prestigious award in journalism. New York Times includes the largest daily newspapers and electronic newspapers in the United States. Times has readers everywhere in the world who are looking for unique information and narrative perfection, the most attractive news and trends around the world.

Time is a professional in many fields such as industry, economics, politics, sports, musics But personally, I thing watching TV is not a waste of time. There are many channels and many programs on TV nowadays, if we know which channels are good to watch is very beneficial.

Watching these programs not only helps you to broaden your knowledge but helps you to know what to do in specific situations. If you do not have many opportunities to travel, you can also watch many interesting programs that bring you many knowledge of places that you have never been to. But in our society today, English is very important because it is the requirement needed in finding a good job for the future.

Personally, I think learning English is not difficult as long as you learn vocabulary, understand grammar, practice speaking and writing regularly, learning English at that time will become much easier, and when you learn and understand English, you will find it interesting to learn a great language, for example, a word can have many meanings, it is exciting to know the meaning that we have never known before.

Besides, English today is the international language. So good learning English will help you a lot when you study new knowledge, or simply communicate with foreigners. We often go to the coffee shops that have classical music to chat together. Around 9 to 10 am, I usually visit my grandparents with my brother. We often meet with each other on the weekend. I spend some time talking with my aunt, my uncles. After that we make lunch together and enjoy the dishes. We speak your language! We have consultants who speak English, German, Spanish and Russian.

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