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My wife says that is normal for some women to experience. Within the first month getting an erection became impossible. Transfemme says this usually takes several months. Quickly, even though he still is sure he will become a man again after the stay-cation, he looks at life very differently. His New Job — A feminisation story. His New Job by Lady A. Chapter One, the Proposal. His redundancy money had run out and now Stephen and his wife Rebecca were getting into debt.

He still had a small mortgage and the bank was. Over the past few months my wife has brought up during passionate times, about feminizing me. She feels it would be a worthwhile distraction! A few weeks ago, she sat down with me and had me read some articles about feminization. Actually, the office gossips are sure to be very interested in discovering that his wife makes him wear a bra, humiliating or shameful, any kind of feminization is likely to have the desired result, keeping an otherwise errant husband firmly on the straight and narrow.

Stories by Miss Vicky. His wife discovers his hidden files and decides she wants to make his fantasy world come true. This is a story all panty boys will enjoy. Home feminized husbands. You are not the only one who is embarrassed by crossdressing. Being the woman inside can also hurt those you love. A wife is a female partner in a marriage. The rights and obligations of the wife regarding her spouse s and others, and her status in the community and in law, …. Story Listing — A — Z. Number of parts is in parentheses.

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Are you a feminized man? Posted on August 29, by admin. College Fees. It all started over me wearing womens underwear when we first started going out together and I confided in her that I was fond of womens clothing. Are you tired of sharing your life with beer, football and horror movies? Does your husband think romance consists of a buffet and wet naps? How to Feminize a Husband by Contributor. Related Articles.

‘feminization’ stories

Knowing your purpose will provide focus when implementing project feminization. Identify what motivates your man. Whether husband and wife, brother and sister whatever, the male has been somehow persuaded to allow himself to be fully petticoated and feminised and now sees himself as woman for the first time. Like a lot of these forced feminisation pictures where.

A husband is feminized by his naughty wife!

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To make his kinky hot wife happy, Sean agrees to dress up as a woman for their anniversary. When his naughty wife shows off the big toy she bought for the night, a strange desire seizes …. Maddie and my wife think I would love the way it would fill out my bra and my skirts would look better.

Sign in. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Watch Later. Add to. Wives Turn Husbands into Girls. Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists.

Doctor feminizes her male patient. Male to female transformation

Deviant Art: Search. Explore feminized. Petticoat Discipline Quarterly is a journal for all women charged with the domestic, or school, care and upbringing of naughty boys of all ages. Auntie Helga, the editor, after long experience, believes that the most effective and loving way of dealing with the problems of male conceit and disobedience is strictly applied petticoating or nursery discipline.

Ultimate Feminization Lesson One | Femdom Erotica | Male Submissive Online Training

Everything you do is for his own good. Beside if he loves you, he should only think about your happiness. Make him wear woman clothes, make up, a wig and high-heeled shoes at all time while at home. Explain him that being a sissy is not only about being feminized and chastised. He need to understand that as a sissy his only goal is your pleasure which mean serving you at all times and by every possible ways. Be firm and confident. When you ask, even if it is said in a kind manner, it is an order.

Because he is no longer a man he needs to train his pussy every day. Make sure that he practices at least 30 minutes a day with a dildo and wear a plug when his pussy is not in use. The only sexual pleasure he will get will come from there. After a week of training, take his boy-pussy every day. Tell him that as a good girl he needs to get used to it. Make him sucks dildos every day because a real girl needs to know how to pleasure. When you decide your sissy has earned an orgasm, bound her arms, remove her cage and make her ejaculate directly in her mouth.

It will be the only way she will be allowed to cum. Then lock it again. After a few other weeks of training, if it suits you, you can offer a friend or two to fuck your former boyfriend. Your sissy will fully integrate her new role by being used as a whore. Help her while she is performing. Make her spread her chicks. Make her show her mouth full of cum. She need to wait until your friend say she can swallow.

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Make her thanks your friend. During the whole act, speak to your sissy. Tell her how proud you are of her. Have you seen his little clitty? When your sissy disobeys or protests be strict but always explain why you have to punish her. It is for her own good. To make her better and happier in her new life.

Make your sissy explain to your friends how is her life. When your sissy behave good, always compliment her. It will reinforce her implication in the process. If you are very satisfied by your sissy you can buy her small gifts as lingerie, wigs, make up.

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  • Everyday, make her say that she is a sissy and that she love it. Never forget to say your sissy how beautiful she is, how proud you are of her and how much you love her! What happens next is up to you! At least he will accept it. For Years, Mistress Antonella analyzed and studied the behavior of the males with a chastity…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Respect me. Adore me. Worship me! Nothing makes me feel better then wearing my latex work outfits. Makes me feel like a warrior ready for battle, th… t. Do dreams really come true?

    Ask jacobbergeractor AngelinaCastroX vickyvette! Content is protected. Right-click function is disabled. How to sissify your boyfriend. The sooner we start the training, the better will be the results. Prev Next. Comments reply. Oh, how I wish my Girlfriend would do all of this to me.

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    I want to be treated just like that. I would love if someone could treat me that way. I would love to be a sissy, but I dont dare to. Someone help me? Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Call Me. Tags adult toys bdsm boots boyfriend chastity chastity belt cuckold dick domination dominatrix ejaculation erection feet worship femdom fetish financial financial consultant financial domination financial slave findom findomme finsub foot fetish goddess have sex high heels how to make a milking how to sissify humiliation kinky latex legs male trainer mistress orgasm prolong orgasm reaching orgasm roleplay sex sissify sissify boyfriend slave strapon whiping whore.

    What are the best male chastity devices? Silicone or metal? June 25, FinDom: what is FinDom? Men with Chastity Belt: episode 1 September 12,