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With the promise of one hundred U. For most of his career he has cheated countless others for a living For her latest bestseller, she plans on proving a daring theory: After the first 30 days together love ends, so the only way to have a meaningful relationship in this new millennium is for the couple to part ways after the first month.

Co-starring Alejandra Gollas Efectos Secundarios. Part of the 20th Anniversary Showcase. Expansiva is pure adrenaline madness, with the master surreal trademarks that include shocking violence, strong and furious female characters, gore, revenge and plenty of bullets. After attending a play together, Esteban runs across the street, chasing actress Huma Rojo for an autograph. In his pursuit, he is brutally hit by a car and later dies. Susana and Octavia are runaway lovers in search of financial stability; Valeria is an upcoming model who is at risk of ending her career; and a homeless hitman called El Chivo is in search for his long lost daughter.

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Pedro returns home to his native Mexican mountain village after several years of labor as a migrant worker in the U. Part of Borders on Film showcase. In this heartfelt romance, a pair of lovers are reunited after many years apart during a physical and spiritual journey through Chiapas. Freely inspired by Hitchcock's Vertigo, this wonderfully deadpan film tells the story of Ramiro, an overweight depressed journalist hired to search for a Chilean rock legend.

Part of the New Chilean Directors showcase. This news has such an emotional impact on him that he decides to leave everything and take a trip to Spain to reconstruct his own past. Alberto Gorritiberea Spain, 98 min. But the economy has kept him out of work for a long time, and he's struggling to hide his family's dire economic situation from his adoring wife Luisa Salma Hayek.

Then a freak accident suddenly puts Roberto at the center of a media frenzy, and the enterprising ad man hires a sneaky agent to help him cash in on his life-or-death situation. Rafael, Elmo and Pablo run away from the strict Catholic retirement home where they live to enjoy one last weekend of debauchery and fun. This comedic road-trip is filled with adventure and discovery, celebrating the true power of friendship and living life to the fullest. Lena has grown up watching her mother, Lucy, give her heart away to a series of low-life boyfriends.

In the process, she unexpectedly falls into a complex love triangle that takes more than courage for her to escape. A powerful Argentine gangster uses everything in his power to stop the woman that wants to kill him, a sexy mercenary known as "the Machine Gun Girl". The staggering sum of cash he offers for her head sets in motion an army of hitmen, creating a landscape of blood, bullets, and carnage.

This is Latin exploitation cinema at its finest. Part of our New Chilean Directors showcase. Walter Salles Brazil, min. Dora played by star Fernanda Montenegra is a retired school teacher who now writes letters for the illiterate to make ends meet. When Dora takes in a boy whose mother was killed in an accident, she begins the long process of reuniting him with his rightful caretaker, setting out through the backroads of Brazil.

A classic drama from world-renowned director Walter Salles. Set in Chiapas, then autonomous and recently liberated from Guatemala, a love story arises and is framed by the arrival of coffee to Chiapas. Their daughter Isabel faces challenges amid the beauty and hostility of the jungle. With the help of their Uncle Beto, they forge new identities and continue to fight against the Military Junta. Their political stance leaves them facing daily constant persecution, the threat of capture and death.

General Ignacio Zaragoza prepares homeland defense in the city of Puebla, commanding an inexperienced, outnumbered and poorly assembled army. The lives of both men become intertwined when gang violence plunges their neighborhood into all out war. In , Mexico's ruling party's presidential candidate is brutally murdered. Nobody knows who's behind the assassination, but it all points to an elaborate conspiracy. A golden mechanical beetle built in has the ability to provide immortality to its owner, but at a terrible price.

Jesus Gris, an elder antique dealer, comes in possession of the ornate creature years later. Although his youth and vitality return soon after the rediscovery, other physical changes alter his life. He is consumed by an insatiable thirst for blood and pale skin that burns when exposed to sunlight. Part of our 20th Anniversary showcase. After 35 years of marriage, Jorge and Elena have retired looking forward to their new life.

To celebrate, they invite their four children for a family barbecue on a cozy farmhouse that neighbors the sea. The barbecue is full of toasts and entertainment, until dark family secrets start becoming revealed throughout the day. Dominga Sotomayor Castillo Chile, 96 min.

Antonio Banderas stars as El Mariachi, a loner who carries a guitar case full of guns and ammunition. Hell bent on killing the infamous drug lord Bucho, a brutal enforcer who controls a small Mexican border town with fear and violence, El Mariachi meets a stunning young woman Salma Hayek who tests his lust for revenge. Part of our 20th Anniversary Showcase. Faith and friendship are tested between two priests who have both dedicated themselves to help solve social issues that pervade Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Two sisters who have been raised in isolation are subjected to the torment of their abusive, drug dealing father. When they finally decide to report him, their actions cause a string events that will change their lives forever. Exequiel lives a predictable and simple life as a physical education teacher in San Antonio, Chile. When an old romantic flame reenters his life, Exequiel is forced to rethink his past and face his future. The film is an intimate portrayal of everyday life decisions and is part of the New Chilean Directors Showcase. To live in South Star is not an easy task.

FINCA participates in the 1st International Forum of Environmental Film Festivals in Portugal

Four teenagers have grown up together in this violent environment, lacking real hope for the future. In this entertaining biopic on the famous Mexican movie icon Juan Orol, the Golden Age of cinema is showcased in all its wondrous glory.

ED SHEERAN - Shape Of You (Spanish Version) Cover Dominga Jorgista Montano

Both a celebration of the power of cinema and our obsession with film stars, the film explores what it means to dedicate your entire life to artistic expression. Starring Roberto Sosa in the titular role and Julio Bracho. With her incarcerated mother and hardworking father serving as the fuel for her path to success, she is faced with decisions of either selling her talent or sexuality to break into the industry. Luciano Moura Brazil, 93 min. Little by little he discovers that his world is crumbling around him. His beloved mentor and surrogate father is dying, and his wife announces that she wants a divorce.

Yet nothing prepares him for the day when he comes home to discover that his year-old son, Pedro, has disappeared. Depressed by the recent death of his parents, Nico, an ordinary year-old, decides to take refuge in his house for six months. Then the media announces the end of the world is imminent due to a gigantic meteorite barreling toward Earth. Nico is convinced by his close friend Carlos to come with him to Nosara, a beautiful beach on the Pacific coast, the only place where they were ever happy. In modern-day Guadalajara, loving mother Ramona searches for her layabout adult son.

Her new neighbor Mariana seems to be the key to finding him, but she has dark secrets of her own. This dark comedy of errors has a non-linear structure: the tantalizing puzzle-pieces of a murder mystery are gradually revealed from three unique perspectives, challenging our preconceptions. Through their time together however, a friendship grows instead.

Affected by the modern world, the poetic and eccentric country of Sbornia ends up separated from the mainland. Will be screening as a work in progress and as a part of the Science on Screen showcase. After a long absence, Fabiola Paola Lattus returns to her homeland, the provincial city of Los Andes, to regain some kind of connection with her family, specifically her estranged father, "Roger" Jose Soza a former miner.

Fabiola also faces a contentious reunion with her sister Georgina Catalina Saavedra , who after the death of his mother has taken over care of the father and the housework. This poignant character study is part of the New Chilean Directors showcase. After spending five years in Hollywood, California, Carlos returns to his home in Puerto Rico to make his first feature film.

Goran Visnjic , a powerful record producer, wakes from a drug-induced blackout to find himself locked up and classified "K He finds Miranda in the city of Guanajuato, and investigates what exactly she was doing at Victor's father's funeral. This mystery romance holds plenty of surprising secrets! Later, private detective Caligari leads the investigation to search for the murderer, but the rest of the film students are obsessed to finish the tragic film. Diego is a year-old boy who spends the holidays with his grandfather Francisco in the countryside, away from city life.

Shrouded in the peaceful atmosphere of nature, Diego learns what is truly important in life. This heartfelt drama is lovingly attuned to the complex relationships between family members generations apart. But his mother Martha, who still treats him like a kid, will never permit such a relationship to flourish. Emotionally disturbed, she will try to protect the only thing she has left in the world… Marcelo.

Four childhood friends from the same rough neighborhood find each other on opposite sides of a brutal drug war. When the agents are given the task to infiltrate and take down a powerful drug organization led entirely by their old friends, allegiances are tested, and friendships are jeopardized. A stifled, small-town man stuck in a dead end life, runs away to Mexico to be a mariachi singer. This fun and tender musical tour-deforce explores the reality of "following your dreams" across cultural, personal, social and geographical borders.

Despite holding down two jobs, Tito has trouble providing for his family and has lost his faith. Now, with a second chance at love, Tito is forced to make a decision that will drag his family down a trail of love, faith and redemption that begins with a lie and ends with a surprisingly true miracle. Starring the great Kate del Castillo! An immature and irresponsible year-old tries to reconnect with his year-old daughter, Roma, whom he hasn't seen more than a few times in his whole life.

Tardily seeking to establish a relationship with her, he invites her to spend a few days at his vacation cabin in South of Chile. During these three days, Roma uses head-on confrontation, bluntness and dark humor to show the anger she feels towards Perez; as well as the sudden jealousy provoked by Marion, her father's young girlfriend. Tito, a shy man with albinism, is on a mission to compete in a bowling tournament far from home. When his ill and stubborn father insists on joining his son for a one-thousand kilometer road trip through Central America, the two humorously clash and learn the reasons for their disconnected relationship.

Tomas, an Afro-Colombian teenager who has fled his country's Pacific coast due to civil war, faces the difficulties of growing up in a city dominated by racism. When Jairo, his younger brother and closest friend, disappears Tomas must risk life and limbs on the street to bring him home.

Jennifer Lopez accurately portrays Selena through her unforgettable concerts, her family struggles, and her secret marriage to her guitarist Chris Perez. Screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and will play as part of the Cine Mexicano showcase. Although the plan was only temporary, Carlos contemplates staying in the countryside after political unrest spreads through Madrid; but also due to the newly developed relationship with local police officer named Juan. Life seems too much to bear until she meets an oceanographer; and finds a connection to her son by sharing his passion for the study of whales.

A fascinating and deeply felt character study from director Carlos Sama. William Vega Colombia, 88 min. A nightwatchman is accidentally killed while fleeing in terror from the morgue where he works and the police are called in to investigate. Discovering that the cadaver of a recently deceased woman has disappeared, the police must solve the mystery of her missing body over the course of one nightmarish evening. Merging elements of the detective thriller, classic noir and horror, this deliciously sly film repeatedly subverts expectations.

Wild bachelor Ray Ray Dominguez dreams of nothing more than a carefree life of indulgences in Miami.

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Perfect for the whole family, including children ages 8 and up. Alejandra, a condescending intellectual with many emotional problems, lacks the capacity to connect with anyone around her. This daring love story is both poetic and deeply humanistic. Soon, he comes to suspect that his mother's oppressive spirit still lingers within her home, and is using items in the house to contact him with an urgent message.

When his dance studio is threatened with foreclosure, the unlikely instructor enters a Miami dance contest to win the prize money and save the family business. This charming slapstick comedy reminds us that art of all kinds can be purifying and inspirational.

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By day though, he must contend with a dead-end factory job and an ex-wife who worries about how his obsessive behavior affects their young daughter, Lisa Marie. Faced with the most adverse conditions, they will do anything to to fulfill their dreams. The film traces the humble beginnings of her impoverished childhood to her international fame. This luminescent documentary portrays the diversity and charm of Mexico's northwestern seas with striking clarity and resonance. Beautifully photographed, this documentary features rare footage of the incredible "voladores" ritual "the flying dance" , named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

In Panama City, skyscrapers along the waterfront have multiplied virtually overnight, rising higher than ever before. Such is life in a rapidly growing new metropolis, where expansion often comes at the mercy of the least fortunate. Their insightful testimony exposes the wide reach of the operation and the profound impact it had on their lives. With "Las carpetas," director Maite Rivera Carbonell has assembled a powerful indictment of one of Puerto Rico's most shameful periods in history.

Fernando's life in Stockholm seems to be going nowhere. Pablo has a plan on how to get Fernando clean in six months, but is Fernando ready to make a change? The painful effects of addiction take their toll. This multiple award-winning jewel, is an intimate portrait of two brothers who are no match against a much stronger foe. Las Azaleas are the gutsy team of women rodeo riders vying to represent the U.

Neither life-altering challenges at home nor cartel violence across the border can keep Las Azaleas from their goal. Presented by Latino Public Broadcasting. In this intensely personal documentary, Restrepo recounts her family's story, and the story of a nation still scarred from the effects of a brutal regime. This "rockumentary" about the Mexican rock band Molotov takes a decisively different approach from most band documentaries.

It is as much a profile of the influential band as it is a funny and eye-opening account of the recent political changes in Mexico. Obviously, the music is great but the film also does Molotov justice with a sharp and kaleidoscopic visual assault. Residents from the ejido communal land 'Los Cuates de Australia', in Northeast Mexico, perform every year a massive exodus in the search for water during drought.

In this exile, men, women, elders and children wait for the first drops of water to return to their lands, metaphor of a small town that hides from death. Co-presented by Ambulante. At a time of heated and divisive debate over immigration, Harvest of Empire examines the direct connection between the long history of U. The richness of Mexican music is showcased with interviews and travels of contemporary iconic artists and performers, including Diego Luna, Lila Downs, Cafe Tacuba, and many more. From traditional music to contemporary rock, rap or pop artists, this expansive and insightful documentary provides music as the lens to use in order to approach contemporary Mexican culture along with issues such as border control and drug violence.

Part of the Cine Mexicano showcase. They represent a pathway out of the ghetto, nurturing a new American dream fueled by the war on drugs. Atacama desert captivates astronomers and native Chileans alike who seek the truth about multiple pasts. Alongside the astronomers and archaeologists, are desperate Chilean women and families sifting through the sands in search for human remains of their loved ones. Unfortunately, the crowds that arrive during the summer - and even some of his colleagues - could care less. They're on vacation, after all. Thus begins Mauricio's funny and even suspenseful documentary.

Forty years on, having survived this terrible ordeal, he is reduced to a vagrant, wandering the streets of Mexico City. His story is the focus of this haunting documentary by Alejandro Solar. Award-winning director Kassokovskis lyrical film explores four coupled antipodes points on the earth diametrically opposite one another. Contrasting scenes of rural Argentina with the bustling streets of Shanghai, people living in a wasteland opposite those living next to a volcano, this gorgeous visual feast reveals places that seem mythically connected somehow by their very oppositeness.

Fallen Comrade Dir: James Valdez , 12 min. Little by little, a strange force pushes him further and further into a voyage of self-discovery. What starts as a game could end up … as a game! Las Vegas Dir. Marinete Da Costa , 20 min. Olga Navarro, a songwriter, poet and entertainer who works in Las Vegas, interacts with the filinero world inside the cabaret. Loxoro Dir: Claudia Llosa , 19 min. He meets an American doctor, who is in hiding from US authorities in Guatemala after accidentally killing one of his patients.

La Boda Dir: Marina Seresesky , 12 min. Today at 6pm, her daughter gets married, but nothing goes as she planned. Arriving at that wedding will be more difficult than expected. Canto de familia Dir: Lindsey Villarreal , 19 min. Their unique perspectives on what role Mariachi plays in their lives creates some tension, but Mariachi is the heart of the family's dynamics. Captive Radio Dir: Lauren Rosenfeld , 23 min. Their stories represent the thousands of people marred by kidnapping who desperately seek a way to cope with separation. Cheli Dir: Juliet Touin , 16 min.

Surrounded by male farmers and despite being self-sufficient, her loneliness for companionship still lingers in her daily life. The last thing Clara remembers is dancing at a Charleston competition at the Ambassador Hotel. She searches for her old haunts around Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake and grapples with this new world that she has been catapulted into. To find the answer, she decides to undertake a risky experiment, defying the rules of her strict Aunt Rosa. Along with his wife Margaret, a gifted painter, they dedicated their lives to becoming famous and noteworthy. Despierta Dir: Fran Moreno , 18 min.

Will he ever wake up? Everyone runs for cover. Well, not everyone. An elderly woman in her home smiles and gets in her car to go to the cemetery Manuel Arija de la Cuerda , 8 min. However, the reality is somewhat different. Ever since that moment, endless conspiracy theories have been tossed around on the matter. According to some, one week before, the shoot of the landing took place in a hangar in Area 51, a film shot by Stanley Kubrick. After an unusual night, they wake up in the same bed without really knowing what to do.

Enrique, a lonely man, makes breakfast for the two and both are faced with the decision to take a step and catch the train they have been waiting for. This breakfast may be their last train- whether they will catch it remains to be seen. As they grow older, their costumes change, but they still keep their dreams alive. Detras de Espejo Dir: Julio O. Ramos , 12 min. When they find out that Javier, the irreplaceable grill man, is moving to the United States, jealousy, mixed feelings and betrayals start to appear. Entrevista Dir: Gabriel Horn , 10 min. But what are their motivations?

She ascends to the top floor in a rickety elevator. What happened to her? What is her purpose? Luminaris Dir: Juan Pablo Zaramella , 6 min. Medio Minuto Dir: David Norris , 16 min. This incident awakens old emotions, but at the same time brings a big surprise. Exploring what it means to be awake and out during the 'true' night, the film moves from serenity to scenes of workers and emergency personnel. Algo huele raro en la maleta Dir: Guille Isa , 20 min.

Berenice will try to ruin her party in a very particular way, bringing their sibling rivalry to another level. Cans at Dawn Dir: Nikki Roberts , 19 min. Under the loving care of his mother and despite the odds, they maintain hope and uphold their dignity while on their quest for a better life.

Starring Jose Yenque, this film takes a short look into an immigrant family's daily ritual of dumpster diving for recyclables in order to survive in urban America. Over the last 2 decades in New York City she has pursued the American Dream by running an original party bus business. Deus et Machina Dir: Koldo Almandoz , 9 min. It is precise, mundane, and repetitive work. Every morning he goes through the same drill, starting up each machine.

Today, though, he has made a decision A woman cries in front of the grave of her recently deceased husband. Her desperation to find work and a legal status that does not allow her to be understood, leads her to seek out a somewhat unconventional solution. The love and passion for Huapango dance allows for this traditional form of dance to thrive, despite the influence of changing music trends.

Arrastre Dir: Ana Teresa Fernandez , 6 min. In this chess game, is the horse chasing the woman or is the woman attempting to dominate the horse? Exuberance and beauty are the surroundings. Two twin brothers, only six years old, portray a biblical story of fraternal envy that is still current today. Cuando despierte Dir: Yoame Escamilla del Arenal , 10 min. Mother and daughter will have to let go of any attempt to deny the disease. Dentro de uno Dir: Salvador Aguirre , 8 min. An indigenous boy named Juan faces what, to him, is a terrible monster.

His fear grows constantly. Seeing this, his grandmother Mariana believes she has a cure. Tonight, they will both have to fight the monotony of their job, waiting for El Jazz to take his last breath. Face to Face Dir: Alberto Belli , 7 min. Quince Anos Dir: Liliana Torres , 6 min. With great passion and dedication he transforms the dolls into wonderful puppets. They become the stars of his street-show, once again appreciated by delighted children.

Un domingo cualquiera Dir: Claudia de la Cabada , 11 min. The guitar, the dances, a trip out to sea, the cats Sweety and Kitty, and the sisters who look after them, are just some of the treasures and dreams which the children keep hidden under the pillow. Camera in hand, they show us their school, friends and families and how they spend their leisure time.

The man throws them on the ground and walks away, leaving one unscratched. Carlitos makes his way to pick it up and, not understanding what he has in his hands, puts the winning ticket in his pocket Will this be the ticket to fulfilling his dreams? Pablo on Wheels Dir: Brett Sorem , 18 min. The bond of skateboarding keeps them together, but the culture surrounding it begins to split them apart. A single mistake by Rey threatens to take away the last family he has left.

Rise Dir: Jo Kami 6 min. Each story is very unique and emotionally charged with fantastic anecdotes and content. Asi se hace Arte Sano is a fabulous compilation of stories that breaks through the barrier of language and speaks directly into your senses. Six Feet Deep Dir. Konstantinos Sampanis , 15 min. Bombing Arizona Dir: Ricardo Bracamonte , 9 min, USA, English Underground artists in Arizona seek to rebel, create, and inspire; regardless if their work is considered legal or not.

Fortunate Son Dir. John Lopez , 15 min, USA, English An ambitious young man returns to the predominantly Latino community where he grew up and tries to run for office, encountering a host of political and social conflicts. Mother, father, son, and daughter working in unison. Their simple story of love and sacrifice serves as a window into the broader immigration debate, while suggesting that our perceived differences with the 'other' are not as great as we imagine them to be. Motive Dir: Rick Carmona , 13 min.

Q Dir: Felipe Vara de Rey , 8 min. Dir: David Godlin , 20 min. The Shooting Star Salesman Dir. Kico Velarde , 20 min. You are an artist. You see the true beauty in creative expression. You strive to elevate our culture. You believe the arts make our community and the world a richer place. For your dedication and your passion, we salute you. Visite HarrahsRincon. Seating subject to availability.


Not valid on holidays or with special menus. Victoria by Sebastian Schipper, Germany. Elser 13 Minutes by Oliver Hirschbiegel, Germany. Architektura by Ulu Braun, Germany. Dissonance by Till Nowak, Germany. Gesicht von der Stange? Kamakshi by Satindar Singh Bedi, India. Lembusura by Wregas Bhanuteja, Indonesia. False Flag by Oded Ruskin, Israel. Follow the Money by Per Fly, Denmark. The Memory of Justice Nicht schuldig? De ce eu? Dyke Hard by Bitte Andersson, Sweden. Mariposa Butterfly by Marco Berger, Argentina.

Que Horas Ela Volta? What Happened, Miss Simone? Ben Zaken by Efrat Corem, Israel. Dari Marusan by Izumi Takahashi, Japan.

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Enjo Conflagration by Kon Ichikawa, Japan. Exotica, Erotica, Etc. La maldad Evilness by Joshua Gil, Mexico. Superwelt Superworld by Karl Markovics, Austria. Calamity qui? Dear John by Hans Scheugl, Austria. Gineva by Nicolas Cilins, Switzerland. Have you ever killed a bear?

Localizing Cinema. Strom Electricity by Eva C. Heldmann, Germany. Visionary Archive. What if? Revisiting Images 1. Agnes by Anja Lind, Sweden. Cloro Chlorine by Lamberto Sanfelice, Italy. Coach by Ben Adler, France. Corbo by Mathieu Denis, Canada. Heartless by Natasha Arthy, Denmark. Maja by Jakub Michnikowski, Poland. Nelly by Chris Raiber, Austria.

Nulla Nulla by Dylan River, Australia. Onomastika Onomastics by Loeloe Hendra, Indonesia. Prins Prince by Sam de Jong, Netherlands. Short Skin by Duccio Chiarini, Italy. Wawi by Michael Portway, Australia. Chrieg by Simon Jaquemet, Switzerland.