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    Out of the top 25 subprime lenders in , only one was subject to the usual mortgage laws and regulations. The lenders who made these were exempt from federal regulations. How then could the Mayor of New York , Michael Bloomberg say the following at a business breakfast in mid-town Manhattan on November 1, ? It was not the banks that created the mortgage crisis. It was, plain and simple, Congress who forced everybody to go and give mortgages to people who were on the cusp. Now, I'm not saying I'm sure that was terrible policy, because a lot of those people who got homes still have them and they wouldn't have gotten them without that.

    But they were the ones who pushed Fannie and Freddie to make a bunch of loans that were imprudent, if you will. They were the ones that pushed the banks to loan to everybody. And now we want to go vilify the banks because it's one target, it's easy to blame them and Congress certainly isn't going to blame themselves.

    As we have seen in other contexts, if a lie is big enough, people begin to believe it. When it gets up to that levels, how can they say that they were only into sub-prime late, and they were only in it a little bit? The reason that people can say that is because it is true. Barry Ritholtz fills us in on the history with an excellent series of articles in the Washington Post:. Many actors obviously played a role in this story. Some of the actors were in the public sector and some of them were in the private sector.

    But the public sector agencies were acting at behest of the private sector. Or the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of its own accord abruptly had the idea of preempting state laws protecting borrowers. These agencies of government were being strenuously lobbied to do the very things that would benefit the financial sector and their managers and traders. The beast is instantly killed by the explosion but a rock lands on Ian's head, knocking him unconscious. Vicki goes to find the Doctor, leaving Ian prone in the tunnel network. The Daleks search for the time travellers.

    They guard the machine, waiting for the Doctor to return to his ship. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Barbara are being protected from the Daleks in one of the Aridian subterranean strongholds, but one of the Aridians comes to the Doctor to inform him that the leader of the Daleks has made contact with them and has vowed that they will stop killing the Aridians if they hand over the Doctor. The Aridians tell the Doctor they can stall for half a sun but will then have to hand him over.

    The Aridians refuse to let the Doctor go free, saying the Elders are making a decision. In another part of the cave system Vicki searches for a way out. The Aridians then say the Elders have decreed the travellers must be handed over by sunset; the Daleks have claimed when they are executed they will leave Aridius unharmed.

    The Doctor says they have two hours before the sun sets. Vicki meanwhile finds the Doctor, but the Aridians then come to hand them over.

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    At this moment a Mire Creature breaks through a walled off section of the cave and seizes one of the Aridians. The trio of travellers use this opportunity to escape. Vicki leads the Doctor and Barbara back to Ian, who is now conscious. The Daleks decide they will give the Aridians an hour to recapture the travellers, after which they will destroy the city. Ian finds the others and has come up with a plan as to how to get to it.

    He covers a hole with Barbara's cardigan and the Doctor's jacket. The travellers then tempt the guard Dalek towards them by calling and hiding. The Dalek falls down the hole into the Aridian cave network. The Doctor and his companions celebrate getting the better of the Daleks and set off for their next destination. Their celebrations are short-lived when they discover that they are being pursued by another time machine.

    He checks the scanners and discovers that they are in New York City. Atop the Empire State Building a group of sightseers are being informed of the scenic panorama of New York when a young man from Alabama , Morton Dill , becomes separated from the group. No sooner have the Doctor and his companions left and Morton has seen this than the Dalek time machine materialises. Morton takes the Daleks to also be props from the film and interacts with them very brazenly. He informs the Daleks that the other machine has just left. As he goes to take a photo again the Dalek time machine disappears.

    Eager to discover the mystery of the "film set", Morton looks for a trapdoor in the floor only to be discovered grovelling on the floor by a suspicious tour guide, who hurries away to fetch a policeman. He begins to tinker with a machine that Ian and Barbara bring to him when the ship starts to materialise again. Ian and Barbara go out to explore and find themselves on an old sailing ship. Whilst Barbara looks around she is discovered by a sailor, who takes her to be a stowaway.

    He accosts her and refuses to let her go. She sneaks up on the sailor and knocks him unconscious. As Ian approaches, Barbara warns Vicki another sailor is coming. As Ian rounds the corner Vicki knocks him unconscious too. Feeling guilty, the two girls take Ian back to the ship, which dematerialises just in time for the sailor to come to and witness the disappearance of the ship. The sailor alerts the rest of the crew that there is a stowaway on the ship and that he was hit over the head, and they fan out to find Barbara. As they search for Barbara, the Dalek ship lands.

    The sight of the Daleks, combined with the fact that they are desperately seeking information from the crew, causes the terrified sailors to jump ship. The Daleks discover that the travellers have left and return to their craft in pursuit of the Doctor, leaving the ship silent and empty. It is the legendary Mary Celeste. Each traveller is scared by the creepy appearance of the house but tries to hide it from the others. The Doctor and Ian go upstairs to explore while Barbara and Vicki remain downstairs.

    As they explore, they notice that the fireplace has eyes that follow them around the room, and there are bats that mysteriously fly down from the rafters and skeletons that drop from the ceiling. Upstairs the Doctor and Ian are making similar discoveries. Ian sees a ghostly figure. The Doctor stumbles upon a laboratory and, as he explores, Frankenstein's monster rises up from the slab as if to grab at the Doctor and Ian.

    The Doctor runs away in terror, followed by Ian. As they retreat, the monster quietly returns to his slab. A similar apparition appears to Barbara and Vicki downstairs also. As they are exploring, a vampire appears to them and introduces himself as Dracula before disappearing again. Barbara investigates the patch of a wall from which Dracula appeared to find out how it might have been achieved, but when she turns back Vicki has disappeared.

    A woman from the upper balcony of the house screams at Barbara, and as Barbara backs up in shock the wall rotates, taking her with it.


    Upstairs, the Doctor has rationalised where they have landed. He speculates that the house and its contents are so much like what one would expect from a creepy house that they have landed within a world of dreams — where terrors and thoughts have been magnified into a tangible place. Ian asks whether this means that the Daleks cannot chase them here, to which the Doctor agrees due to the fact that they are safe from time and space as they reside in the psyche.

    give chase twelve terrifying tales for Manual

    They go back upstairs to look for them. However, the Doctor is wrong. The Daleks have zoned in on the Doctor's whereabouts and are preparing to materialise. They state that he is still on Earth and has just changed the year and the geographical location. The Daleks materialise in the house and a search party disembarks, but one remains in case they return.

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    The Doctor and Ian cannot find Barbara and Vicki anywhere and, in their desperation, they go back into the room with Frankenstein's monster. As they go down into the room they are met with the dual terrors of the approaching monster coupled with the arrival of a Dalek. Thinking quickly, Ian traps the Dalek in a cage in the laboratory, and he and the Doctor escape. With the two men gone, the monster continues to approach the Dalek, which tries to exterminate him — only for the monster to be immune from the Dalek's weaponry. The monster opens the cage and destroys the Dalek, immune to the fact that it insists that it is indestructible.

    As the Doctor and Ian return downstairs they discover Barbara and Vicki, who have reunited. The travellers' joy is short-lived when a Dalek corners them. When it looks like the travellers have no chances left, Dracula reappears and distracts the Dalek that was about to kill them. As they do, Frankenstein's monster reappears and begins to destroy the Daleks. Unsure of what to do and panicking, she sneaks into the Daleks' time machine.

    The Doctor speculates that they shall never know quite when it was. While talking, they discover that they were actually in an advanced form of a haunted house from the Festival of Ghana in which had been cancelled by Peking.

    Lest We Forget: Why We Had A Financial Crisis

    It is only when Barbara joins them that they realise that Vicki has been left behind. On the Dalek time machine, the Daleks further track the Doctor's progress through time and space — they state he is headed towards the planet Mechanus. Skaro is contacted for a report on Mechanus. It is also revealed that the Daleks have a secret plan. The Daleks have been building a machine that they refer to as a " reproducer ", and they plan to "reproduce" the Doctor, claiming it will be finished by the time they get to Mechanus. As the Daleks disperse, Vicki emerges from her hiding place.

    Curious as to how the reproducer works, she sneaks up to it and is shocked when she sees what appears to be the Doctor standing inside the machine. Back aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor is blaming himself for the disappearance of Vicki, but he states that there is nothing that he can do about it due to the fact that the TARDIS cannot interrupt its own time stream and visit the same place twice — even if the timing mechanism allowed them to pinpoint where they could go.

    Ian says they could fix the timing mechanism, but the Doctor says it could take months or years. Eventually, Ian hatches a plan.

    TV listings: Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of June 30 - July 6, 12222

    If they were to seize the Daleks' time machine, they could use that to return and rescue Vicki. The Doctor agrees and states that the next place they land will be the area of the inevitable battle that must take place. When they land they discover that they are on a largely swampy planet with dense undergrowth. They decide to go and explore so as to best use their time to destroy the Daleks. As the Daleks approach Mechanus, the Daleks decide to animate the robot. They power up the reproduction machine and the simulated version of the Doctor comes to life.

    The Daleks ask the simulated version of the Doctor whether it knows its mission. The robot responds with, "To infiltrate and kill. The Doctor, Ian and Barbara are exploring the planet Mechanus. They soon discover that the dense undergrowth of the planet is made up of living plants called Fungoids that are constantly trying to attack them. They are soon cornered by the Fungoids, and as it looks like they might finish off second, some lights flash on which cause the Fungoids to vanish away. Ian investigates the lights and discovers they form a corridor through the jungle.

    The travellers follow the pathway. Meanwhile, the Daleks have landed on Mechanus, where they say all life must be treated as hostile, and have fanned out in search of the Doctor, not before releasing their deadly doppelganger to "infiltrate, divide and kill. As the Doctor, Ian and Barbara make their way through Mechanus, they are being stalked by the robot Doctor who never lets them far out of its sight. They soon reach the end of the corridor of lights and find themselves in a cave. Unsure as to why the complex system of lights leads to such an innocuous locale, they begin to look around, hoping they will either discover the significance of the cave or find a way of turning off the lights so as to allow the Fungoids to destroy the Daleks.

    In their exploration, they discover a weapon for keeping the Fungoids at bay. Barbara is confident that, with the combination of their newly-found weapon and the bomb that the Doctor has been working on, the Daleks are done for. The Doctor warns her that the bomb can't be used undercover so they'll need to think of another tactic. Meanwhile, Vicki is desperately searching for the Doctor. She screams out, which alerts the Doctor and Ian, who rush out to rescue her. The robot Doctor uses this opportunity to swoop in and take advantage of Barbara's isolation.

    The robot Doctor informs Barbara that Ian has been killed by the Fungoids and that he needs her help out in the jungle. Confused and worried, she complies. The Doctor and Ian find Vicki, who has fainted from the shock of her near escape with the Fungoids. Ian deduces that she must have hitched a ride with the Daleks in order to catch up with her friends. They carry her back to the cave and discover Barbara missing. Ian goes back out to look for her. Whilst Ian is gone, Vicki regains consciousness but, on seeing the Doctor, reacts wildly, suspecting him to be the robot version.

    When Ian returns, she calms down and apologises to the Doctor before explaining about the robot clone and his plans to kill them. Ian deduces that this is why Barbara must have left the cave. The three friends go out and look for her in a panic. As they walk through the jungle, Barbara hears Ian calling her name. This leads to the robot Doctor attacking her. It knocks her to the ground before Ian arrives and fights the robot off her, but it is able to break free of him and escape.

    Ian explains the situation to a confused Barbara. Ian and Barbara meet up with Vicki — the humans are then shocked by the appearance of two Doctors, each of whom tries to convince them that he is the true Doctor.