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  1. Arey, Canterbury on saltwater, Sasquatch, and ducks | Bassmaster
  2. Trout Fish BC This Weekend: Sasquatch Provincial Park
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The creature then turned and disappeared back into the dark woods directly behind it. The observation lasted less than 1 minute and due to the dense brush on the bank of the creek the witnesses could only observe the creature from the knees up. The arms definitely appeared to be long, similar to that of an ape which was noticed as it turned and walk away.

Arey, Canterbury on saltwater, Sasquatch, and ducks | Bassmaster

The creature appeared to be malnourished skinny and both witnesses described the hair as dark brown but very patchy like a dog with mange. It had wide shoulders and a large head that appeared conical but no noticeable neck. The witnesses both noticed after the encounter that the tree pushed over was dead but had not been so for that long. This encounter was investigated by Dave Moser. He also believes it was the same creature that he observed in I find him to be very credible and an upstanding individual in the community who has lived in the same area all his life.

The witness has a keen interest in this creatureand has multiple neighbors who have had encounters with a similar creature over the span of many years. He believes that they are not out to hurt anyone and that they only make themselves known to scare you away when you are invading their current territory. He believes they move around and do not stay in the same area for long but move through the area seasonally. A 15 mile area surrounding this location has had a number of encounters in the past 50 years that continue to this day.

This appears to be perfect habitat for a large creature to exist and stay hidden from most people. The tree-crashing encounter my brother and I had in Desolation Wilderness happened while he and I were fishing.

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Needless to say, we left them our fish…. We used to hear huge rocks and boulders crashing around in the middle of the night at the Velma lakes and Phipps Peak in the Desolation Wilderness when I was as little kid. He also said, he may have been hit with infrasound as well. I had no idea that Desolation Wilderness was a hotbed of activity. Park at the day-use area if you are just fishing for the day, or continue to the campsites for registration if you are camping.

View Larger Map. Rainbow trout are released at catchable size - g while cutthroat trout are released in the 50 to g range. Stockings take place in spring and fall. Fishing is available from late spring to early fall.

Trout Fish BC This Weekend: Sasquatch Provincial Park

June and July are the best months. Shore fishing is available directly in front of the day-use and camping areas, which is perfect for kids. The shoreline has access to deep spots where trout are found. Spin fishing is best from shore as there is not much backcasting room for fly fishing. You can either bait fish with a float, or spincast with small lures.


Productive bait include dew worm, krill, deli shrimp, salmon eggs. Bubble float with a fly can also be great if fish only feeding on insects. A small boat can get you to spots with less fishing pressure, therefore fishing results might be better. You can troll a fly, which is always enticing to trout.

A small leech pattern, size 8 to 12 in olive or brown, should work very well.

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Anchoring and suspending a chironomid can also be very effective. Most of the fishing activities take place in the small bays and islands near the day-use area, at the north end of the lake.

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The southern end of the lake is quite open and can get very windy at times. Because these fish normally do not grow much bigger than their stocking weight, it is more enjoyable to fish with light tackle. Before your first fishing trip to Hicks Lake, please make sure you know the following information:.

All rights reserved. Hicks Lake, Sasquatch Provincial Park By Rodney Hsu If you want to combine fishing and camping in a stunning setting without having to drive too far from Vancouver, then Sasquatch Provincial Park might just be your best option. Hatch Match'r Maple Ridge.